Bene Statera! ® Balance of Mind and Body – Finnish Traditional Healing

Is your back blocked?
Do your hips and buttocks hurt? Does the pain radiate into your leg?
Is your lower back rigid?
Do you feel any pain in your joints?
Does your neck ache?
Is your shoulder sore?
Does your mouse hand/tennis elbow/ carpal curse hurt?
Are you feeling stressed?

If you answer any of these questions with a yes - give us a call!

In the link will find reliable and trained healers across Finland:

Bene Statera is Latin and means Balance of Mind and Body. Bene Statera! ® is an efficient, safe and enjoyable combination of massage and mobilization provided by diverse health professionals.

The treatment relaxes the muscles and the entire body from the surface to deeper penetration with various types of massage which softly opens the muscular membranes and handles trigger points carefully. Better mobilization is achieved by opening up and balancing the body when performed on a relaxed body.  If necessary, the expert balances the entire body softly from the toes to the head, allowing the correction of  blockages, malfunctions of the muscle activity, chains as well as correcting defective positions. You will feel free - usually, the mood becomes lighter, stress and tension are eased, and various pains is a pleasant side benefit.

The treatment uses proven and safe organic care products to enhance and contributes to maintaining a relaxed, and pleasant balance throughout the body.
The German Commission E has stored monographs of plants and herbs, as well as the British Plant Pharmacopoeia, which provides a scientific basis for the care products.

After the treatment, you will be provided with personalized, functional instructions for self-care and for a stable as a possible overall balance to take home with you. For example, the instructions may be accurate instructions on the use of exercise, nutrition or safe and functional self-care products.

From a broader perspective, ​​the Bene Statera! ® concept includes, among other things, a right balance in relationships between people, in nature and with nature - generally in life. A human being is a magnificent part of a vast entity in creation. Everyone is important just in their own place and in his or her own duties just the way they are.
Nature's proximity to the living environment reduces morbidity and stress and increases happiness. Nature and naturalness are essential fundamental pillars.
If needed, cooperation with your doctor or other healthcare professionals is essential for the best interest of the customer.

In our treatment, we are guided by the WHO definition of health as the best physical, mental, social and mental state of health.

We welcome you to the World of the Balance of Mind and Body!


Customer survey
Customer survey Bene Statera! ® - Finnish Traditional Healing (Mobilizing Massage), 9 therapists across Finland, participated.
Trainer Tarja Tirkkonen; respondents 118 in Finland, 12 in Puerto de la Cruz = 130 responses.
All therapists trained by Tarja Tirkkonen, a total of 258 replies.




1.How did the therapist receive you as a customer?



2. What impression did you get from the treatment centre?



3. How did the initial care arrangements for the treatment go?



4. How well did the treatment you received fit for your needs?



5. How did you find out the cause of your trouble?



6. How precisely was the therapist able to explain to you the cause of your trouble?



7. Evaluation of the therapist’s professionalism/knowledge



8. Evaluation of the trust created by the therapist



9. How adequate were the instructions given to you for follow-up care?



10. How adequate were the instructions given to you for prevention of your trouble?



5=excellent   4=good   3=satisfactory   2=weak 1=poor
Verbal feedback:
"There is always a good and warm atmosphere in therapy, and it is relaxed."
“I will give roses: Wonderful, professional, continually self-developing/educating therapist who knows her work."
"The therapist is an expert in her field."
“A person is received and treated as a whole, taking into account the well-being and the life situation."
”Thousands of roses.”
“I have always left with a good and relaxed feeling."
"I can recommend. The treatment works and the service is good. A functional and positive package."